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Professional Sewage and Drain Cleaning

Have you noticed your tub, shower, or sink draining slower than usual? Perhaps you’ve noticed your toilet gurgling or bubbling when water is being used elsewhere in your house? Over time, drains can become clogged and blocked by a variety of organic and nonorganic materials. A sewage line can also become clogged if it is damaged. This is when professional help may be needed. The professional plumbers at Plumb One can keep your drains clean and working efficiently. If you notice any problems with water drainage, call us for sewage and drain cleaning services in Birmingham, AL.

Services Offered

If you suspect you are having sewer or drain problems in your home, call us at Plumb One. We provide sewage and drain cleaning services in Birmingham, AL in addition to 24/7 emergency drain cleaning and sewer line repair and replacement. Call us for an appointment or to schedule an inspection. 

Sewage and Drain Cleaning Services

Among the largest drains in the home are those that feed directly to the main sewer line. Our professional technicians keep sewer lines and drains clean with the latest technology, which includes high-pressure sewer jetting. We also perform necessary sewer line repair and replacement as well as sewage pump repair and replacement. Our techs have the experience and expertise to take care of all your sewage draining needs, including the replacement of sewage plumbing fittings at your Birmingham, AL home or business and the surrounding areas. 

Let the plumbing professionals at Plumb One, Inc. keep your drains clean, working efficiently, and free from debris. Call us today to schedule an appointment for professional clog removal, sewage and drain cleaning services in Birmingham, AL.