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Water Leak Repair in Birmingham, AL

You got your water bill in the mail and your jaw dropped. You’ve seen high utility bills before, but this one was unexpected. If you didn’t accidentally leave the sprinkler on outside all night (speaking from experience), then you probably have a leak. 

Noticeable, common signs of a leak: 

  • The sounds of dripping or rushing water
  • Puddles of water around an appliance or coming up through the floor
  • Water running down a wall or dripping through the ceiling
  • Dripping faucets

Less noticeable signs/ signs there’s a hidden leak:

  • High water bill (with no other explanation)
  • Water stains on ceiling, floor, and/or walls
  • Warped walls or doors, buckled flooring
  • Mold and mildew in unusual locations- indicates increased humidity
  • Excessive foundation cracks (more than usual settling)

After you’ve realized you have a plumbing leak either in your house or outside, contact us so we can help before the problem worsens or causes more damage. Please don’t put it off. Many times, hidden leaks go undetected or warnings signs go ignored and significant damage is done. Like to your foundation, yard, and plumbing system. It’s best to call us if you have any suspicions, since it’s better to be safe than sorry. We will gladly let you know that your ceiling stains aren’t caused from an ongoing leak if that’s the case. 

As soon as a leak is detected, our Plumb One team will jump into action, deliberately, not hastily.

Minor leaks

  • Kitchen sink
  • Toilets
  • Shower faucet or head
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Some washing machine and appliance lines

Minor leaks are those that don’t require extensive or invasive work. Smaller issues like faucet and toilet leaks in the bathroom and sink leaks in the kitchen are “quick fixes”. They generally require common tools and parts that our technicians have plenty of since these are common repairs. Appliance leaks can be minor if they’re caught early enough or if they’re leaking into an area that’s not causing much damage. 

Major leaks

  • Slab lines
  • In-wall pipes
  • Main water lines
  • Some appliance lines

Major leaks are those that require extensive repairs. They’re either hidden and difficult to access, or they’ve caused considerable damage that has to be repaired. These situations require more planning and collaboration. We will come up with the right solution(s) for your home and discuss them with you before starting on the work. In some extreme cases, we may need to obtain certain equipment or tools to accomplish our agreed-upon plan.

Leaks in the yard or in a concrete slab are particularly difficult to detect and repair. Our goal is not only to repair these leaks, but to do it in the least invasive way possible. We don’t want to bust up half your slab or dig up half your yard. When leak repair is done right, it leaves no problem areas or issues behind. 

For reliable water leak repairs in Birmingham, AL, contact Plumb One. We also provide 24 hour emergency plumbing services if you ever have a water heater leak or burst pipe that requires immediate attention.